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Moving you towards a sustainable future

Helping you
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Profit Responsibly


We have the ability to advise our clients on tradeoffs between their long-term interests versus their short-term needs. We encourage business leaders to have the courage to be uncomfortable in order to take on issues that feel intractable and to lead and work differently, to gain the full advantages of ESG as a way of doing business.


We convey the importance of incorporating ESG into key decision-making scenarios to produce better, more resilient returns and better asset valuations.


We are actively influencing, collaborating and co-creating a sustainable future through collaboration with our clients and society’s most prominent change makers in order to make a difference through our work.


We focus on improving our thinking to help our clients respond to new developments in ESG while maintaining flexibility throughout the process of executing an ESG strategy without sacrificing strategic focus.

Who we are

At Protos Capital, we are passionate about building sustainable businesses that maximize returns while having a positive impact on the environment and society.

We assist clients integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into investment decision making, strategy, risk management, communication and exit processes. We know that businesses transition through various stages of ESG maturity. At Protos Capital, we help shape this transition into a sustainable future allowing businesses to progress from a pure risk management focus to the use of ESG as a differentiator in the markets in which they operate.

As a trusted partner of businesses, investors and policy makers, we are driven by the informed belief that businesses can profit responsibly and that embedding ESG into organizational strategy, operations and performance management generates significant value to stakeholders, builds organizational resilience and is positively correlated with higher returns and financial performance.

To meet the needs of various stakeholders, we help businesses communicate corporate performance that includes both financial and non-financial performance through identification, measurement, integration and reporting of ESG performance.

Shaping the ESG Space

The Sectors we are involved in:
  • Investments

  • Manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Financial services

  • Real estate and construction

  • Energy

  • Automobile

  • Petroleum

  • Telecommunication and technology

Our Contribution to Society - SDG 4.

Protos Capital LLP in partnership with The Debate Circle and other stakeholders supports the capacity development of young people and youth-led organizations through outreach, advocacy, thought leadership, global networks, and policy debates, particularly in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.