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Who We Serve

Private Equity

Protos Capital provides support to private equity fund managers during the various stages of the investment life cycle. Ongoing training and capacity building of the ESG teams on fund and portfolio levelare also a focus area.

Impact investors

Increasingly investors are looking to align their values with where they put their money. We help funds develop impact strategies, track performance against set key objectives that define developmental impacts at portfolio level and develop impact reports, and strategic communication pieces that assist funds communicate their ESG value creation within the fund,their portfolio companies and to society as a whole.

Commercial Banks and Micro Finance Institutions

The management of ESG risks and particularly climate change risk in the financial services sector has become important in order to build resilience within the financial system to withstand any shocks that may arise from climate change from a physical, transition or liability perspectives. We help financial institutions meet their regulatory reporting requirements as well as identify pockets of opportunities that arise from integrating ESG practices, including providing access to banking solutions to the wider society

Development Finance Institutions

Protos Capital works with numerous DFIs providing support through review of the portfolio companies in which they have invested against key ESG considerations, allowing DFIs to define and track ESG improvement measures required to maximise ESG value creation prior to exiting the investment.

Listed Companies

As demand for disclosures on ESG performance continue to be demanded of listed companies by their diverse set of stakeholders, we provide support to listed companies to identify material ESG topics, evaluate ESG value creation and identify opportunities to leverage this value. This is best articulated during integrated annual reporting, sustainability reporting or development impact reporting which can be useful during fund raising and ongoing stakeholder engagement.

Pension funds and asset managers

We are cognizant of the catalytic effect asset owners and managers, can have to shaping sustainable financial systems. We assist with ensuring compliance with international standards on investments and environmental insurance requirements. Key outputs include assessment of existing portfolio, ESG due diligence prior to acquisition of new assets, ESG reporting, responsible investment policies and systems, and tracked performance against defined social impact measurement criteria.

Insurance Firms

We help insurance firms leverage the predictive power of ESG through a better identification, understanding and management of risk.

Regulators and policy makers

We work with regulators and policy makers to develop guidelines, policies and regulatory frameworks that facilitate adoption, integration and compliance with local and international ESG standards.


MSMEs form the bulk of the value chain and contribute a significant portion to GDP. We help position MSMEs to compete globally and differentiate themselves through adoption of sustainable business practices and publicly telling stories of their impact.