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Who We are

At Protos Capital, we are passionate about building sustainable businesses that maximize returns while having a positive impact on the environment and society. We assist clients integrate Environmental, Social and governance (ESG) into investment decision making, strategy, risk management, communication and exit processes. 

We know that businesses transition through various stages of ESG maturity. At Protos Capital, we help shape this transition into a sustainable future allowing business to progress from a pure risk management focus to use of ESG as a differentiator in markets in which they operate.

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What do we do?
Empowering Businesses for Sustainable Growth
As a trusted partner of businesses, investors and policy makers

What We Do

We develop ESG and climate change strategies tailored to reflect your unique business model, strategic priorities, sector nuances and operating jurisdictions. Working closely with boards and senior management and key stakeholders, we develop an in-depth understanding of your priorities, and determine how material ESG and/or climate change risks and opportunities might impact the achievement of key business objectives….

Climate Change and ESG Strategy Development

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Sustainability Reporting

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Supply chain resilience advisory

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Stakeholders’ engagement and materiality assessment

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Carbon footprint assessment and measurement

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ESG Due diligence in Investments

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Importance of ESG and its true fiscal value to business

Globally, there is plenty of discussion in the investor community on the importance of ESG and its true fiscal value
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Importance of ESG and its true fiscal value to business

As with any important corporate undertaking, integration of ESG risks into strategy and subsequent reporting begins with high-level buy-in and requires planning.
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To meet the needs of various stakeholders, we help businesses communicate corporate performance that includes both financial and non-financial performance through identification, measurement, integration and reporting of ESG performance.

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